Speech therapy

The center offers most up-to-date US technologies for people who are suffering from hearing loss and this unit also has Pediatric audiology lab to identify the extend of hearing impairment through investigations focusing on both peripheral and central processing. This unit has qualified Speech Therapists who can address speech and language issues as they occur. They may also provide preventative care using a variety of exercises and technologies to help the patient overcome the disorder or stop such disorders before they start.
Professionally trained Audiologists and speech therapists, social workers, and volunteers are a part of this unit. When a child, under 4 years of age, with disability register with us, the doctors and Audiologists determines the level of disability and the therapy required. Currently we have 3 Audiologists and 30 tots suffering from speech disorders. We are planning to setup an audiology lab for hearing impaired kids so that they can test the level of hearing impairment and provide necessary treatment to the children, which will help them in leading a normal life.

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