What we do


A unique feature of NEST is its 365 days Home Care Service in a year. Each Bed-ridden patient is visited in regular turn. Catheters and essential medicines are delivered so that the sufferings of the patients are reduced greatly. Physical examination, wound dressing, family counseling and taking measures to check the communication of diseases are done by Home Care Units.

The Home Care Units consists of a Doctor, Nurses and Volunteers. The team spends time to talk to the patients and family members helping them to ventilate their emotions. Volunteers play a vital role in all these activities.


NEST has just started a centre that cares children with special needs. Children are admitted in the following categories:

  • Speech Disorder
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Learning Disability

Professionally trained Speech Therapists, Physiotherapist, Child Psychologist, Vocational Trainer and social worker are part of NEST CCC. Survey shows that considerable number of children with special needs remain unattended in our operating area. This demands for a more facilitated children’s centre, which is NEST’s next goal.


NEST cares and supports psychiatric patients who are isolated and neglected by the community. The psychiatry O.P works on Tuesday. Patients and their relatives get opportunity to see the Doctor and the psychologist once in a week. NEST volunteers visit patient’s houses regularly. It is noted that there are houses having three of the inmates with psychic problems. Our volunteers, with the help of the local people arrange for the improvement of these families.


NEST provides physiotherapy on all week days. Patients having CVA (Stroke), Cerebral Palsy, Spinal code injury and Muscular Dystrophy get the service of NEST physiotherapy clinic. Patients of all age category benefit from this.


NEST believes in the goodness of heart of the young generation. To empower the future generation in social service, we have to work with today’s youth. Formally inaugurated in July 2008 by Dr.Leosky, South Indian Co-ordination of WHO, campus initiative has now more than 400 active volunteers. NEST conducts awareness programs on college and school campuses focusing on danger of Drug abuse, Ill effects of Tobacco and necessity of social services.

Campus initiative volunteers undertake various tasks endorsed by NEST. Each volunteer is assigned with the duty of attending one psychiatric patient each, during home care. The volunteer makes sure that the patients are having their medicines properly. They find time to spend with the psychiatric patients and their family, helping them to ventilate their mental stress. The volunteers also clean the psychiatric patient’s house twice in a month.

‘Snehasangamam’ an annual get together of paraplegic patients and their families is a unique program planned and conducted exclusively by the campus initiative volunteers. The two day camp provides paraplegic patients and their family an opportunity to entertain themselves feel very comfortable and happy.

Besides these campus initiative volunteers helps NEST in fund raising.

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